How to Conduct an Impactful Original Research Study


Enago in collaboration with University of Yamanashi conducted an insightful online session (in the English language) to guide researchers on how to conduct impressive and effective research on novel ideas. Journals often encourage submissions of manuscripts that are emerging and relevant to the scientific community, and finding an impactful research topic could be a challenging task for researchers. Furthermore, research scholars must draft an article that has higher visibility and discoverability online. In this session, we discussed the practical strategies for the literature survey and shared expert tips to prepare and promote research articles.

Through this session, researchers will learn:

  • Importance of conducting original research
  • How to identify an original and impactful research question via literature review
  • Expert tips to write an impactful manuscript
  • What is research impact?
  • Strategies and tools to increase discoverability and visibility
  • How to gauge the impact of your research using research metrics


  • Graduate students
  • Early-stage researchers
  • Post-doctoral researchers
  • Established researchers
  • Research Professors


Dr. Richard de Grijs, Ph.D.

An internationally acclaimed astrophysicist, editor,  publishing consultant, and a public speaker, Dr. de Grijs has a diverse academic profile and has driven several projects at well-renowned institutions such as the University of Virginia (USA), University of Sheffield (UK), University of Cambridge (UK), and Peking University (China). He is currently appointed at Macquarie University (Australia) as an Associate Dean/Professor along with his affiliation to the International Astronomical Union (Vice-President of Division C), Institute of Physics (FInstP), Astronomical Society of Australia (Fellow), etc. Till date, he has 300+ publications in established Physics and Astronomy journals and six published books to his name. The impact of his work is demonstrated by 5000+ citations that he has to his credit. Dr. Grijs is also the recipient of more than 25 research grants. Additionally, he is a peer reviewer for many leading Physics and Astronomy journals, including Nature, Science, etc. He has also served as a Scientific Editor in The Astrophysical Journal (2006 – 2012) and Deputy Editor of The Astrophysical Journal Letters (2012 – 2018).

Some of his major achievements include the Erskine award (University of Canterbury), Exceptional Contribution Award (University of Sheffield, UK), Excellent Performance Award (Peking University, China), “Van Swinderen” Public Outreach Award (the Royal Netherlands Physical Society), and the Selby Award (The Australian Academy of Science).



Dr. Richard de Grijs

Award-winning astrophysicist, consultant, and a peer reviewer of high-ranking journals like Nature, Science with 300+ publications




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