How to Become a Peer Reviewer: Doing your Share for the Research Community


Peer review is one of the most critical processes in academic publishing and continues to have a significant effect on the number and type of studies that get published each year. Being a part of the evaluation process and determining the accuracy of the work submitted is as important as having publications in the peer-reviewed journals. Not only it works as a catalyst in boosting your career as a researcher, but it also keeps you up-to-date about the latest research even before it’s published. Celebrating the Peer Review Week 2019, Enago Academy conducted a live webinar guiding researchers to become a part of this rigorous but crucial process of scholarly publishing.

Through this webinar, researchers will learn:

  • Overview of the peer review process
  • Various peer review models adopted by journals
  • How do journals select reviewers for a manuscript?
  • Why becoming a peer reviewer is critical for researchers’ career progression?
  • Tips on evaluating each section of the research paper
  • How to draft a review report?
  • Ethical practices that need to be followed by peer reviewers


  • Early-stage researchers
  • Established researchers
  • Subject-matter experts


Prof. Michael Prieler, Ph.D.
  • A distinguished researcher, a published author, and a public speaker, Prof. Prieler is currently appointed as a professor at Hallym University—a top-ranked media and communication school in South Korea. In the past, he was also briefly associated with the University of Illinois (USA) and Temple University (Japan).
  • With 15+ years of research experience primarily focused on media, advertising, and health communication studies, Prof. Prieler has 40+ research papers with nearly 400 citations, 8 grants, and a book to his credit. His research papers have also been accepted and published in the Social Science Citation Index (SSCI) indexed journals.
  • Prof. Prieler serves on the editorial board of popular journals Sex Roles (Springer) and Moment Dergi (Moment Journal: Journal of Cultural Studies, Hacettepe University, Turkey). Additionally, he is affiliated with established publishing houses like Elsevier, Springer, Wiley, Routledge, Sage, Public Library of Science, etc. as a reviewer.
  • Prof. Prieler has also been conferred with several prestigious awards such as Hallym University Distinguished Professor” award (2018-2020), Second Place Faculty Research Paper Award, AEJMC Conference (2016), etc.



Prof. Michael Prieler

A distinguished researcher, published author and an experienced peer reviewer with 400+ citations, 8 grants, and a book to his credit




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