Finding a Perfect Research Collaborator: How to Build a Robust Research Network


Research collaboration is the key to build and maintain a successful research career in today’s globalized world. Interdisciplinary, inter-organizational, and international collaborations facilitate research advancement by bringing together a unique mix of talents, resources, cultures, and scientific knowledge. However, most young researchers find it immensely challenging to establish good collaborations. Researchers need to find compatible collaborators, maintain the existing collaborations, and recognize opportunities to work with them. This webinar conducted in collaboration with AcademicLabs, a specialist platform to facilitate easy research collaborations, aims to train researchers for initiating long-standing and fruitful collaborations.

Through this session, attendees will learn:

  • Introduction to research collaboration and its different models
  • How to identify the right research collaborators and initiate a collaboration?
  • How should collaboration be arranged?
  • How are researchers’ contributions managed in academic collaboration?
  • Tools for collaboration
  • Introduction to AcademicLabs and their role in research matchmaking

About AcademicLabs (

AcademicLabs started in 2015 with one mission in mind: to accelerate research and innovation by bringing transparency to a highly fragmented R&D ecosystem. The AcademicLabs platform is a professional network where senior academic and R&D professionals build valuable connections and collaborate on successful projects. The platform is used by scientists in universities, R&D driven corporations and research institutions all over the world to identify research partners, by universities as a marketing channel to communicate their research capabilities to attract new partners, and by member networks, cluster organizations, conference organizers and academic societies to facilitate research collaboration.


  • Graduate students
  • Early-stage researchers
  • Established researchers


About the Speakers

Despina Sanoudou, Ph.D., FACMG

An established researcher, public speaker, and published author, Dr. Sanoudou is an award-winning medical researcher with 80+ publications in renowned medical/biomedical journals. The impact of her work is demonstrated by the 3,700+ citations that she has to her credit. She is also the recipient of more than 20 research grants. Dr. Sanoudou has worked as a coordinator for an international genomics/pharmacogenomics program and as a fellow with Genzyme and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. She was also a post-doctoral fellow as well as an instructor at Harvard Medical School. Till date, she has attended 188 national and international conferences as an invited speaker, served as a peer reviewer for 41 international journals, and chaired several seminars.

Arne Smolders

A life science scientist turned entrepreneur, Mr. Smolders is driven by curiosity on how complex systems work and figuring out ways to improve them. Hence, he embarked on studies in Biology, followed by Ph.D. research on the biology of aging at the Ghent University. Full of ambition, Mr. Smolders was driven to win a Nobel prize for discovering how aging can be slowed down to delay the onset of society's most severe diseases. Having perceived both the high value of collaborative research, as well as how severe fragmentation of the academic ecosystem strongly inhibits top research, Mr. Smolders left his golden PhD cage and embarked on an entrepreneurial endeavor to bring transparency to the R&D ecosystem and facilitate matchmaking, resource sharing and collaboration, as to enable great ideas to flourish into breakthrough discoveries. In 2015, Mr. Smolders founded AcademicLabs. After winning multiple startup competitions and selections for diverse startup accelerator programs, closing first key reference customers, and raising nearly €2mln from investors and grants, AcademicLabs has now grown to an excellent multidisciplinary team of 10 and is growing its R&D matchmaking and collaboration platform.



Dr. Despina Sanoudou

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