Identifying a Target Journal for Publication


This webinar will highlight the importance of selecting an appropriate target journal for your publication needs. Publishing research in international peer-reviewed journals is indeed important. Selecting the right journal ensures that the study gets noticed quickly by the target audience. Publishing in the right journal can fetch you good citations. It can also help you advance your research career and make a meaningful impact on the research community. By publishing in good journals, you can make significant contributions to the existing high-quality literature in your respective fields of study. By following the standard journal selection practices recommended by Enago Academy, researchers can increase the odds of manuscript acceptance.

After this session, you will gain critical information on the following:

  • Understanding the scope, visibility, and discoverability of a journal
  • Assessing the quality of a journal and a basic understanding of some key journal metrics
  • Introduction to important concepts such as copyrights, open access, and peer review
  • Expert tips and a list of tools for selecting an appropriate target journal

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  • Graduate students
  • Early-stage researchers


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